Liberty State Chronicle

Hello Liberty State Supporters!

We have been busy lately and are hard at work pulling all the components together to get this movement underway!  Much progress is being made and people all across this state are so excited to see this effort getting ready to really take off.  An effort like this must originate from a groundswell of support from an entire geographical section of people, and that is exactly what we are seeing right now.  People are SO excited about this effort!

As most of you know KXLY TV conducted a poll to find out just what percentage of the population actually supports the idea of splitting the State of WA into two separate States.  The result of that poll, was that a staggering 73% of those who weighed in were in support of dividing the State!  That is exactly the kind of percentage we need to see for this effort to be a complete success!    Furthermore, 73% can demand that all the people that they have elected must support this effort as well.

That needs to be the next step from those who support this effort.  We need to get everybody on board that has the authority to cast their votes where it counts.  County Commissioners must be willing to pass County Resolutions stating that they support the creation of Liberty State.  State Reps and Senators need to join in with the rest of the Reps who currently back the writing of House and Senate Bills that will allow this action to happen as soon as possible.

And our Congressmen!…  Let them know that 73% of their constituents want this to be a success! Let them know that Congress has already been looking to add new States to the USA such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Marianas Islands.  Let them know that while they are already looking to add new States, that adding one more via division is right in line with the same direction they are already headed.

This is where you- all the supporters of this effort- can and should make your biggest efforts.  Focus on helping us get this accomplished by contacting all the people you have elected and demanding that they support and get behind this in a big way.  If elected people want to win the support of their voters, they had better quickly recognize that the easiest way for them to do that is to start shouting “Liberty State” right along with all the rest of us 73% who want it!

You can also be a tremendous help by going online to our website at and making a donation.  What is recovering your freedom worth to you?  Is it worth $20?  What is it worth to have no restrictions on your 2nd Amendment rights?  Is that worth $100 to you?  Is being able to drill a well and develop your property again worth $500-$1,000?   A successful effort requires serious funding and we need a lot of that right now.  As we have seen, the people backing the corrupt agendas of people who want to remove all your rights are willing to fund all their corrupt efforts with millions of dollars!  So we must acknowledge that if we are to succeed in recovering everything we have already lost, we are going to have to financially support the effort to save our rights, water, property, guns, and education through the dividing of the State.   Please go online to  and donate today!