Happy New Year 51st State Supporters!

All of us here in the Liberty State movement hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!  We have one awesome year ahead of us.  As you know, we are blessed to have this “once in a lifetime opportunity” in 2018, where the fruits of our labor will exponentially reproduce profitable results for generations to come.

Just imagine for a minute, finally waking up to that day where you are not facing business-crushing regulations and outrageous taxes from Olympia.  Imagine that day where you can focus on your bottom line of “making a good living” instead of wondering how on earth you’re going to comply with all the endless bureaucratic nonsense.   Imagine that day when the red tape is suddenly just “no longer there”, and then being back to a place of operating under sound common sense business practices.  That day is now on our horizon.  It is within our reach and we need to all be setting our sites upon that horizon for 2018.

It isn’t just businesses that will benefit from what we contribute to this effort this year.  Property and water rights will return to being protected by our Constitution through Due Process of law, instead of being taken advantage of by unelected hearings boards and agencies.  Imagine the Hirst and Water Banking decisions no longer having any effect on what you plan to do with your property in Liberty State, so that you can once again develop and sell your own land as you had been able to do before.  Envision that day becoming a reality again and that you have NOT forever lost your right to buy, sell, and develop your land.  It is a vision to hold onto and that vision is more important than just about any other thing that we as Americans can imagine right now.

Property and your right to produce wealth from it, is the backbone of America.  That is freedom.  Government closest to the people is best positioned to protect that right, not far away in downtown Seattle.

All commerce and wealth comes out of the ground, air, or water. Land ownership, and the rights therein, also provides our entire food and water supply to every person in our nation.  What could possibly be more important to Americans than the food and water supply, and our ability to establish and maintain it in an unhindered process?  That ability will be fully restored and protected in Liberty State.

This year we are asking you to change your focus from all our problems in WA State, to a focus on the one and only viable SOLUTION.  We must become “solution-oriented” instead of “problem-oriented.”  Why is that?  It is because we DO have the solution right now.  The 51st State: Liberty State.  Yes, there are many problems out there, but this year, we must decide to diligently act upon making THE solution THE reality for Eastern WA, whether it takes us one year or five years or even a generation to accomplish.

Plan to act.  Plan to help, support, fund, and donate.   Get involved.  Write letters to your elected officials…and often!  Politely demand that they represent the 73+% of their constituents who support the creation of Liberty State.  If they refuse to stand up to downtown Seattle, send them packing in the next election so we can get somebody who will boldly stand up and say “I will represent your values, beliefs, traditions, and heritage, and I will vote in favor protecting them through the creation of Liberty State!”

Inspire your neighbors and friends with the vision that is currently on our horizon, of returning to a truly representative government that is reined in by the Constitution.  Educate people as to how this action is really picking up a huge swell of momentum and will be successful in the near future.  It is going to be a reality.  Decide to join in the effort.  Become part of the solution!   May God Bless you all in your efforts, and Happy New Year!