Hello 51st State supporters!  February is going to be nothing but pure progress for the Liberty State movement!  Let us recap a few of the amazing things that have happened in January that have laid the foundation for our progress for the whole rest of this year.

First, we had the Stevens County Property Rights Group (SCPRG) raise $2,000 to contribute to the Liberty State flag purchase.  Needing $2,000 more, they organized a fundraiser/dessert auction on January 20th, in Colville, which raised another $3,000! So for a total of $5,000, we were able to order our first flag order of 200 flags, and those flags that were ordered will be sent out by February 15th.  When you get your flags, please send us a picture of it posted on your property so we can post those pics on our website.

We have begun our 51st state video interviews with the private sector, covering business owners who support the movement.  If you are a business owner and would like to be interviewed to describe what you have gone through with the corrupt policies of western WA and why you now support the 51st state, please contact us and we will schedule an interview with you that we can air on our website.

A proposed State Seal was voted on by 1,000 people out of 10 designs.

We had an active member from the “State of Jefferson” effort in CA come to the Fundraiser in Colville to listen to what we were doing and is now in support of us and our effort.  He was our first video interview and that interview can be seen on our website.

There has been SO much enthusiastic support from the event in Colville that people from all over eastern WA are scheduling their own events for Rep. Matt Shea and the 51st Committee to attend and provide information about the 51st state effort.  Our next event is in Okanogan on February 17th, and then we go to Newport on March 31st for their rally, with other dates for Grant County and Tri-Cities coming up as well.  More invitations have been coming in that we are planning for that will be posted at a later date.

More and more elected officials are starting to reach out to us, as they recognize the massive groundswell of support and want to be counted along with those who support it.  It’s a smart move, considering over 73% of Eastern WA is in favor of this effort to divide the state, so there is no better way to garner broad support!  The winning ticket is going to be supporting the dividing of this state!

We are going to begin recruiting volunteers from every county that Rep. Shea, along with our 51st Committee, visits for a meeting or rally.  So would you like to be part of this awesome effort?  If so, start thinking of which specific talents and skills you have that could best help this effort.  We will be looking for all walks of people to volunteer and help push this through.  Plan to bring your “A-Game” and join the rest of us volunteers!  We’re excited, enthusiastic, engaged, organized, and determined to see it through.  Do you have that kind of resolve that can be applied here?  If so, we want you!  Plan to attend the next rally on our schedule.

Remember, we are looking to restore representative government to our local areas and people.  We are positive, driven, focused, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  We are SOLUTION MINDED!  This effort to divide our state into the 51st State of Liberty is the common sense solution to all our current problems.  So, God Bless the 51st and all the faithful volunteers with the resolve to push it through and make it a reality!