Hello 51st State Supporters!  Everything is moving along well with the 51st State effort right now.  The groundswell continues to increase daily as people are getting their Liberty State flags, bumper stickers, and the newly available T-shirts and Hoodies.  We have been making these available at our 51st State presentations and people are really enthusiastic about them.  We will be posting our online 51st State apparel and supplies store this month so that you will be able to order them from home!

Now don’t forget that when you order any of these items, especially the Liberty State flag, we want to encourage you to go and take pictures of you and your flags posted on your property, or of you wearing the apparel and send those pictures back to us so we can post them on our website.

The first business dedicated to seeing the success of Liberty State is Colville Fastener & Gear in Arden. They are excited to be selling the Liberty State flags, may be selling the apparel soon as well.   If you own a business and would like to support our effort in the same manner, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Last month Rep. Matt Shea and the 51st State Committee traveled to Okanogan to give the 51st State presentation to the local people in that area.  We were kindly received and supported by people who attended, and there was a significant amount of the 51st State apparel, flags, and bumper stickers that people were excited to get.

Our next 51st State presentation with Rep. Matt Shea will be in Newport on March 31st at 3pm, at the Sadie Halstead Middle School at 331 S. Calispell Ave.   We encourage everyone to attend that event!  We will be offering our 51st State merchandise at that event also if you would like to come and get a couple different things for yourselves, friends, and family members.

We are currently setting dates and planning to be on the road, traveling to 51st State events in Quincy, Yakima, and Tri-Cities next.  If you live in those areas, keep checking back for those event dates as they are locked into our schedule.  Also, if your group would like to host a 51st State presentation for your County, please contact us here to let us know and we will put you on our schedule.

We are also looking to recruit new volunteers into our effort that will be willing to operate at the County level under your County’s Captain.  Does your County have a 51st State Captain yet?  Check here.  If not, are you that person that is an actively engaged organizer that is involved in your local Republican Party, Farm Bureau, or other County-wide organizations?  Let us know!  We need enthusiastic and well-connected people to lead this effort in your County.  We also need volunteers with a wide variety of skills and talents that can help out the County Captains.  Is that you?  This movement is getting SO big we need help.  We need YOU!

God bless all the people of the proposed state of Liberty, as we organize and start putting some volunteer “boots on the ground” in every County, and we welcome all your volunteering efforts!  – Amen!