How much has Liberty changed in 26 years? A look into the archives.

In 2018, we are currently faced with a list of issues initiated by Seattle and imposed by Olympia. Many of these include policies that have no negative impact on Western Washington, but are devastating to residents East of the Cascades including encroaching of property rights, the threat of growing wolf populations, and failed preventative maintenance measures for public lands that lead to annual wildfires. The idea of splitting Washington into separate states is not new. What were the concerns of residents in 1992? Find out more:

‘Cascade Curtain’ Symbol of a State’s Split Personality

3 thoughts on “How much has Liberty changed in 26 years? A look into the archives.

  1. It would be great if there was some way to “Share” this article with others on Facebook. Lots of folks have no idea how much better things used to be. Governmental whether Local, State or Federal are killing us and this state is one of the worst. The governors keep getting more and more lethal to freedom and this one is no different in trying to control folks with rules and regulations already addressed in the books. These are rules and regulations that cost nothing but money to use even if those using them know what they mean – Which is highly doubtful. Have you ever seen the raft of books on WAC or Federal rules/regulations in an governmental office that govern you and me? Incredible!!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We’ve added the sharing links at the bottom of posts. In addition, the news articles feed directly into the public Facebook Page. We are grateful that you would like to help get the word out.

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