“Progress and Participation” has been the name of the game in the past month in Liberty State!  We had an excellent turnout of enthusiastic supporters for the 51st State event in Newport on March 31st.  The Newport supporters have been very active over the years in things like property rights, 2nd Amendment rights, have a very strong focus on family values, and acquiring the skills a person might need to be prepared for any number of emergencies. So we were very well received by that great group of people and sold quite a large amount of 51st State apparel and flags.  The event was also attended by a couple reporters and the Pend Orielle County Commissioner, Karen Skoog.

The 51st State Committee then traveled to a meeting of elected officials in Ephrata on April 5th, where we were kindly welcomed to an excellent dinner, and a highly supportive audience.  Some of the best questions we’ve heard so far came from that group of people who were staples in the Agriculture community.  The best question was asked by a lady who wanted to know what it might cost for Liberty State to build a wall!  😉

Next on the list was Rep. Shea’s presentation to a good sized audience in Ferry County on April 7th, who also were in support of Liberty State, of course,  and several signed up to volunteer to help in our effort.  We are currently in the process of organizing structured volunteer hierarchy and positions within each County, where each County has a leader called a County Captain that will organize all the volunteers for the 51st State effort into positions of their particular interest and talent.  With such a groundswell of support and people wanting to dive in and make sure this thing gets accomplished, structured positions has now become a necessity.  Stevens County is the first to have established these positions and have now become a structured organization, also incorporating ham radio classes and communications into their lineup of tools to use in this effort in the future.

On April 10th, the Stevens County 51st State Group (SC51SG) took the next crucial step in the progress of establishing Liberty State, which was to meet with the County Commissioners to discuss the passing of our County Resolution that allows them to officially state that they support Liberty State.  The meeting was a packed room of supporters and the meeting was VERY positive and productive and lasted nearly 2 hours!  All three County Commissioners showed exemplary character and were supportive of the resolution in the form of a Proclamation first, followed by a Resolution in which they will be able to help write their own specific interests at a later date.

All three Commissioners;  Steve Parker, Wes McCart, and Don Dasheill, are leading the way in a positive show of representing  over 73% of their Constituents that adamantly want to see Liberty State happen as soon as possible!   So we commend their admirable actions, and they will be adding to and amending that proclamation by April 24th so we can move forward on our approval and their signing.  Their documents will be the template for all the other County’s Commissioners in the rest of the Liberty State Counties.  That is the next agenda item for all the Counties the 51st State Committee has visited thus far.

What’s next?  Next is a talk on April 30th in Whidbey Island to the Whidbey Island Republican Women’s Group who greatly support Liberty State, followed by rallies in Yakima County and Benton County on May 19th.  So we need your support!  Please donate to this effort, and please send in pics of your flags to our website so we can post them to a page for everyone to see!  God Bless this effort and all it’s incredible supporters!  Amen.