This has been such a busy and highly productive year for the 51st State Committee!  Wow!  So much has been accomplished in just 7 months!  This year is all about spreading the word to all the Counties in Liberty State and educating people in those Counties as to why it is the best and easiest solution to all the problems we have been having in WA State.

There has been one resounding theme this year; “It is easier to divide this State than to fix it!”  So true!  Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution, as it is in this case.   Both sides want to be free from each other because we just don’t live the same kinds of lives.  The busy downtown urban living people of Seattle flat out don’t experience the same things in their daily lives that a cattle rancher or a logger does.  Eastern Washingtonian’s lives are vastly different than Seattle residents, and so much so, that there is almost zero common ground.  These vast differences deserve to be fairly represented, as they are, where they are, and by representatives who live the same kinds of lives and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t.  It would be the same line of thinking as not wanting to hire an Art Dealer to manage your Meat Packing Company.

There is no need for any animosity whatsoever from either side.  Both sides of the State just have different types of lives and both are appropriate for each location.  It is what it is.  Let’s recognize the facts at hand and move on.  Let’s streamline as soon as possible and become operable in the most efficient way possible on both sides of the State!  This division is so simple, and especially when both sides already agree!  We both agree that local representation best serves the people.

So, much has been accomplished in our first 7 months of our 8-step plan to divide the State!  We are currently spreading our outreach into the southeastern WA Counties where we are being enthusiastically received.  Look to our updates as we give more details for the next Fundraiser being put on for us by the 51st State supporters from Asotin, Garfield, and Columbia Counties.  They will be holding their fundraiser for us down there on Saturday, August 25th, and we will be providing more location and time details as they are provided to us.

We will also be meeting with the Stevens County Commissioners again on August 20th at 9 am to further discuss the Stevens County Proclamation/Resolution.  So be watching as we report on our progress with them.  They are fortunate to be at the head of a movement that has 73%-75% support across the board, and we are proud to see them take charge in moving ahead.

We are still diligently working on the State Constitution, with tremendous progress being made, as our Constitution Drafting Committee has been meeting weekly since September of 2017.  Such a great document takes time, and believe me- it is something people will be extremely proud of.    Don’t forget to go to our 51st State store and buy your Liberty State flag and hang it where everyone can see it!  Recently, people have been spotted driving their trucks with the Liberty State flag flying in the back.  Great way to advertise! Also, don’t forget to send in your pictures of your flags flying, or of you and friends or family wearing 51st State t-shirts, hats, and gear.  And we all want to say “thanks” to all the enthusiast supporters out there!  We appreciate all of you!  God Bless!