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What laws will be made for the new state and who will be responsible for establishing these?



There’s a lot of discussion and speculation about what kinds of laws a new state of Liberty may or may not have once statehood is achieved.  While social media can be useful for open dialogue and spreading news and information quickly, it can also be used to spread the wrong information quickly — sometimes maliciously, and sometimes out of ignorance.

Heated discussions have taken place on social media, with some individuals declaring that this or that will be illegal, or legal, or that something will be mandatory, while something else will be banned, etc.  Many of these debates are well intended, but in the end, it really only amounts to a wide variety of opinions and conjecture of individual persons sharing their personal views.

The truth is that no one can say what laws will or will not be passed, because those laws are yet to be decided by a legislature which doesn’t yet exist, and won’t exist until representatives are chosen by us (as citizens of a newly-born state). Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

One thing that all true supporters of Liberty State like you and me do insist on, is that the new state be a constitutional republic as guaranteed by the US Constitution, and not treated like a democracy;  That it be governed by the rule of law, under laws that will be passed by a legislature that WE have chosen, and not by laws and edicts forced upon us by others whose values are out of touch with eastern Washington’s.

So, while there are plenty of opinions, no laws have been decided on or passed.

No laws WILL be passed by anyone other than a future legislature.

That entire legislature will consist ONLY of representatives chosen by us, from eastern Washington, NOT Olympia or Seattle.

I welcome the chance for a fresh start and a clean slate in the future, and the chance to finally have laws that reflect our values. How about you? Breaking the chains and forming our own state is the only viable and practical solution for doing that.  So join in and spread the word, telling your friends and family about Liberty State.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.

5 thoughts on “What laws will be made for the new state and who will be responsible for establishing these?

  1. I love the idea of our own state and going back to our Constution and politations for WE THE PEOPLE!! We need to make this happen. Already people from the West side are coming here to leave what they’ve ALLOWED over there. We need to stand firm and keep OUR VALUES . If people don’t like our State…they can move to a other one!

  2. I live on the west side and it’s sickening what’s happening here. Enslee and his party needs to be shut down. If this happens I would leave everything and move. I just wish that takeing a drastic measures wasn’t needed. Sick of it if nothing changes including Liberty, I’ll be relocating to Texas.

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