Why are we going to divide the state into the state of Liberty? We are dividing the state to bring back our power of local representation that has been completely lost in Olympia for the past couple decades.

We’ve all seen it, EVERY time our votes are tallied. On TV we watch as all our votes show up in red as a majority all across eastern Washington. We watch as all the votes show up in red all the way to the southwestern counties, proceeding in red until they get to the far northwest corner of the state. Then the votes suddenly turn blue, completely wiping out the entirety of the rest of rural Washington’s vote.  We cannot continue to go unrepresented year after year, as every vote eastern Washington makes in unison is cast aside. We are currently united in our voting patterns, and when all those votes show up in red, it is proof that we ARE united. Our voting history in eastern Washington proves we are united and that we want the same things.

By dividing into the State of Liberty, we will be removing that small section in the state that shows up in blue to obliterate our united red vote in eastern Washington. By removing the small blue section, we will be returning our power of representation.

Just imagine actually getting what we all voted for a change. That is the guarantee with Liberty State. So join the unified effort to support the restoration of our traditions, values, and the rule of law. Support Liberty State by making a financial contribution to this effort through our website or by volunteering.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.