Have you all noticed the endless stream of problems we have had to deal with from the west side’s politics? While we are all very much aware of those endless problems and corruption, let me invite you to become “solution minded” instead. We already have sixteen of the Twenty counties on board at the grassroots level! Liberty State IS the solution and has an average of 74% support across Eastern WA. We will be entering Stage 2 of our plan in January, 2019, and we are also 95% finished with our Liberty State Constitution that we will be submitting to our County Volunteers to vote on in early 2019.

Is the west side obliterating all our united eastern Washington votes on every issue? YES! So, it’s a good thing we have the “solution” that will eliminate the few westside counties’ ability to override our vote with the creation of Liberty State.

Is the westside running roughshod over our Second Amendment? Yes! So, it’s a good thing we have the solution in Liberty State that adheres to the Constitution and strengthens our constitutional rights.

Is the westside regulating our farms and businesses into inoperability? YES! So, it’s a good thing we have the solution in Liberty State, which would eliminate all of those excessive regulations.

I ask you to please grab on to the life raft that is Liberty State, which is passing you right now. It IS the solution to these problems and more. It is easier to divide the state than to fix it, especially since fixing it at this point would be virtually impossible. We MUST stop focusing our precious time and energy on the problems being sent our way, which have no end in sight. It’s time we ALL become solution minded instead, and focus on our effort to divide the state and restore the power of our united eastern Washington vote.

Join the solution today! Decide to volunteer or donate to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that counts. The sooner we all focus on this solution, the sooner we will be able to get it accomplished.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.