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Did you know that when the Declaration of Independence, and later, the US Constitution, was being drafted those on the committee were sequestered away (along with their work) from the public eye until they were done? This was also the case with many of the states when drafting their respective constitutions.

I’ve heard that there have been some inquiries from many of you on social media, asking “what is in the proposed State of Liberty constitution?” “When will it be done?” “Why is it being drafted in secret?”

Most Americans have forgotten their own history and heritage, and don’t realize this procedure has historical precedence. There’s nothing ‘secret’ about the Liberty State Constitution — it’s being drafted, debated, and reworked by the constitution drafting committee and simply isn’t ready to be presented.

So, some are asking, “When can we see it?” The committee recently announced that it believes their draft proposal will be available in February of 2019. But remember, although a LOT of work has gone into it so far, we all know it is just that… A PROPOSAL. It will by no means be the ‘final draft’. The proposed Liberty State Constitution will be presented to delegates from each county — Delegates chosen by the citizens of each county to represent them — where they will be able to review, discuss, debate, amend, and make alterations as they see fit.

This is the exciting part. This is where we’ll finally have true representation when it comes to determining the supreme law of the land in the state we’re contending for, and in which we will live: Liberty State.

So, for now, for those asking about the constitution, just know that it is being worked on right now.  There are many other things that must be done to ensure our success. Instead of asking what someone else is working on, I encourage you to ask, what can I do to help this effort?

The best thing you could do to help us right now would be to contact us at and let us know that you want to join in with the volunteers in your county and help them spread the word and bring in more volunteers at your county level.

Another way to help is to email us with a list of three, well-articulated, grievances that you think absolutely MUST be addressed to protect your freedoms and restrict government overreach.

Email those grievances to us by going to and clicking on the ‘Contact’ tab.

So, plan to join in on this awesome effort today by volunteering or by donating to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that will actually count.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.

4 thoughts on “Constitution Committee Update

  1. General view: The founders were very class conscious. They did not think the common man, esp. the propertyless karl, to be of a caliber needed to make laws. Hamilton was outspoken on this matter. I disagree. Today, in light of the public education available & all the info one can glean from the Internet, there is little need to exclude anyone from adding his (common gender) concerns.

    Three issues I want to see addressed in constitution of Liberty:
    1. Drop dead issue—No abortion except in case of self-defense of the mother & w/ her permission. Doctors must consider all other means of live birth first.
    2. Very important—New paradigms for public education.
    3. Important enough—No warrantless searches or surveillance.

    I shall reiterate these “grievances” in the contact section as well. Cheers! Stravo Lukos

  2. How about taxes they are and have been the one thing that holds people to the line of have and have nothing just paying property taxes kills off a lot of income and utilities are becoming more like a new car or truck payment for most people. Remember taxes were a lot of the reason we told the English to go to hell.

    1. Curtis, couldn’t have said it better. I want to see User-Service fees that give us real standing in court. Our federal & state govts. have become so libverted that they’re a disincentive to produce or serve anything or anyone.

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