Hello Liberty State Supporters! I have SUCH amazing news to share with everyone! You will recall that we had our first Liberty State County volunteers meeting in Spokane this last September, where we had volunteers from 15 of the 20 Counties in Liberty State. We now have had volunteers in 16 of the 20 Counties.

At that September meeting, we established organized and uniform structured leadership to lead the Liberty State efforts in each County. The County Leadership was then sent home with the task of setting up their own volunteers recruiting meetings to bring in more volunteers in their own Counties.

Since then they have been busy organizing, posting, and handing out flyers, preparing their locations and advertising. They are stepping out and getting these volunteer recruiting meetings accomplished!

So far, they are being met with extensive support across the board and overwhelming enthusiasm. As of December 1st of 2018, 7 counties have either already held their first volunteers meetings, or they have them currently scheduled and locally advertised. Our hats enthusiastically go off to:

  • Yakima County – who had their meeting November 27th
  • Ferry County- who had their meeting on Nov 29th
  • Kittitas- who’s meeting is coming up on Dec. 1st

And then…

  • Klickitat- will be on Dec. 5th
  • Grant County, Dec. 10th
  • Benton County, Dec. 10th And finally,
  • Stevens County, will be on Dec. 13th

The rest of the Counties are all working to establish their dates and locations as well, and we’ll share them as we receive them.

This is a VERY exciting development for Liberty State that is going to make our effort increase exponentially and advance very quickly from here on out.

We want to thank all of the dedicated volunteer that have stepped up and taken action to join the only effort worth joining today. The Liberty State effort is the only one that will ever be able to bring back our power of the vote to the people of Eastern WA, where when we cast our votes, we will actually GET WHAT WE HAVE ALL UNIFORMLY VOTED AND HAVE BEEN VOTING FOR for over 15 years now! What a great day that will be and it is now within our grasp!!

So plan to join in on this awesome effort today by volunteering or by donating to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that will actually count.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.