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Bills to Separate Forthcoming

17 thoughts on “Bills to Separate Forthcoming

  1. I am in support of this bill to split Washington State. I have lived in this state my entire life and there definitely good reasons to split. Staying together is no longer productive for either side.

  2. I look forward to having eastern Washington separated from Olympia and Seattle its time for us to get away from all there stupid laws and benefiting from us we need our rights to our guns and all we believe in all the are doing is passing laws to benefit them so moving forward let’s push forward for our liberty state thank you

  3. I was raised in Okanogan, and have spent most of my life here, apart from stints at UW and Boeing Renton, The decent of the entire west side has been rapid, due, I think from the leftism of the education system, and to mass migration of Californians and other liberal states who bring their politics with them beginning with the technical revolution started there. So taxes are up up up; lax drug laws passed; ever more strict gun control; hysterical fears of global warming resulting in environmental laws to the detriment of eastside rural areas.

    Pass this bill. But I think a better idea is for both eastern WA and eastern OR to combine their efforts and combine to form a single, separate 51st state. And I don’t much like the Liberty name, (tho it is appropriate), but would prefer something less confrontational, such as Pomona (Roman goddess of fruit and agriculture, or something geographical, like East Columbia, or Cascadia.

    1. I get your point. Having lived here and born and raised here my whole life I’m
      In agreement to separate from Western Wa where I live now.
      I think the name like in GLEN TATES books
      “299 days”………NEW WASHINGTON would be appropriate.
      BUT I LOVE LIBERTY MUCH BETTER. I think as patriots it’s fitting.

  4. I’m glad something is happening, I’ve thought for some time that we should do something.
    If this one doesn’t work, think about separating the rest of the state from the three counties that think they should tell the rest of us how to live.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Splitting the state is a win irregardless of how it’s viewed.. The east side of the state has no say in ANYTHING anymore and that is a real irritant. As it is now, virtually every county can vote against something but as long as the population saturated counties on the west side vote for it, it passes and its getting worse.

    The push for gun control laws…which for the most part are laughable jokes, is the final straw. We’ve come to the end of the road and the line is drawn in the sand. I will no longer back up or lay down. I will not disarm, I will not surrender what I own or change how or what I do. That’s how it is.

  6. I support the creation of Liberty State to protect the American Dream of equal opportunity, limited government, and liberty.

  7. While I love the name Liberty, I think with today’s radicalized Congress, they would find the name threatening and squash the bill. What’s wrong with plain old, Eastern Washington. We have North and South Dakota, Carolina, etc. I believe a uniform name will help the bill get passed and we can later propose amendments to the name. I am so tired of the West side representing us, when they have never considered our best interests, only their capital gains. Us being unable to support ourselves is a myth. The reality is, the west side relies on us for hydro, cattle, farms, etc. The East side has a larger self-sufficient population, whilst the West side has a larger welfare dependent population. They don’t want to lose us, they make top $$$$ selling our hydro-electric to California. They count on our agriculture. They are too dependent on us to go quietly into the night. It’s time to make the break!

  8. The electoral College vote was established so that the rural areas would have better representation so that they were not continually being out-voted by the urban areas; This was the only system that the rural areas would agree upon. Eastern Washington and other parts of Western Washington has been oppressed by urban voters for decades because we did not have a similar system in place so that the rural areas were represented. Now we are living under the dictatorship of Gov. Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson. Creating a separate state is the only practical way to insure we are no longer controlled by the urban Euro-socialists and Puget Sound tyranny.

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