Results for KAPP-KVEW Local News Public Opinion Poll About Splitting Washington

The votes are in: according to a recent Facebook poll sponsored by KAPP-KVEW Local News in Yakima and Tri-Cities, 71% of 12.3 thousand voters who weighed in are in favor of splitting Washington, thereby releasing Eastern Washington to become its own state. We offer our thanks to KAPP-KVEW for their work to determine where residents stand on this issue.

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8 thoughts on “Results for KAPP-KVEW Local News Public Opinion Poll About Splitting Washington

  1. I love my state of Liberty,
    It really suits me well,
    But those who don’t like Liberty
    can all just go to
    another state! Hmph!

  2. Our family of six plus would welcome the freedom to govern our state of Liberty.
    The west side of Washington rules and decides for the majority of Eastern Washington residents.
    This is unfair and unjust.

  3. Before moving to beautiful Stevens Co, lived in King County…rural…hated that Seattle basically over-rode our votes while living in that county. It was exasperating, and only compounds my frustration now that I’m in Eastern Washington. The radical, liberals wrecked rural King County…and they’re rapidly doing that to our entire state. Time to take a stand against the socialist, radical, liberals overrunning our state with illegal criminals, radical agendas, gun-control, abortions, etc. Hate my tax dollars funding the destruction of our Constitutional RIghts.

  4. I am a huge fan of this however I believe a new state has to go through Congress. I can’t imagine a democratically controlled house voting for a state that will likely produce Republican representatives

  5. I think this is an idea with great potential but huge stumbling blocks. So much would have to be done quickly . . . Washington State Patrol – do 1/2 the troopers lose their jobs/retirement? Same with the State Firefighter Retirement? Do students on the East side have to pay out-of-state tuition if they want to attend the UW? Or Westerners who want to attend WSU? With an already strapped budget, how does Liberty get funds they have contributed to pay for West side roads, etc. reimbursed?

    With those thoughts in mind, there are some significant bonuses . . . The East side has totally different needs that could be met and managed by those who understand them.

    1. All of these concerns could be grandfathered or ameliorated through negotiations. We aren’t a bunch of heartless misers over here. We just love our freedom– that wonderful concept that scores higher than all the money in the world. The West has been billed as very hospitable & polite for as long as this New England Yank can recall. That’s the reason I live here.

      As for the budget, I don’t think we’d be as strapped as you seem to indicate. Don’t forget, WE produce the power, the food, & much of the timber. And, if we decide to go w/ LFTRs, the future is ours. Unlimited, safe, clean energy is the stuff of which new civilizations are created. If you aren’t familiar w/ this, please go to YouTube & listen to Kirk Sorensen. (You can go to the settings button at the bottom & speed up the presentation a bit.) I’ve watched this four times already. Yes, it’s that good.

      Hope this is helpful, Geri. Cheers!

  6. East side of current Washington state does not have enough representation in Olympia we get taxed for things we rarely or never use like Ferries and Ball parks etc. We are vilified for having the need to use guns to hunt, protect ourselves from wildlife like cougar the kill pets, livestock and yes at times humans and bear, as well as people who try and rob us and harm us. 3 times in 20 years people have been at our home to do harm having dogs and guns stopped them. Yes Sheriff show up but took 45 minutes to two hours. One group 4 men big men could have killed me. They were robbing homes for 2 months up on Mt Spokane area. Another literally came into my home I was alone he was high or drugs. Seeing a gun he literally ran out the door and away. They caught both parties but again took police over an hour to get here calling 911. Third time we came home from church people loading our firewood into their truck. So we need our guns and NOT locked it takes time minutes to undo locks, load your gun and time when you are in peril is of essence as the Groene family. And others raped, killed by intruders

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