POLL: Vote For The Official Liberty State Rifle

At this time, our local sheriffs are banding together to resist I-1639. We, the people of Liberty State, can show them our support by declaring our home as a place that recognizes our Constitutional right to bear arms. Make your voice heard by voting for your favorite option for the Liberty State rifle.


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M82 .50 Cal.




M1 Garand


TAR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle




Model 94 Lever Action Rifle





18 thoughts on “POLL: Vote For The Official Liberty State Rifle

  1. Good day my fellow Patriots!
    I sent an email a while ago never did get a response. I have a need to speak up for the future of this great new state. How can we protect this great state of Liberty from what could become over the course of time Spokane be coming the “Seattle” of Washington State. My idea is that when it comes to state affected laws and ballots, as opposed to local City or County measures, all counties get equal vote and if there are 21 counties 1 votes democratic 20 vote Republican then elections are based on population but of each individual County which in turn gets 1 of 21 for the state.

    1. Similar Idea as I have expressed. The per county vote can consider population the same as the electoral vote is based for president. All counties get i vote, counties having a population higher than average population in all counties in Liberty state receive perhaps one additional vote per 100,000 people not to exceed a maximum of perhaps 5 total votes. You get the idea. The final structure and details can be worked out in the new constitution.

  2. I voted for the Mini-14 as an act of defiance to those that want to ban semi-automatics.
    There’s also many farms and ranches in Liberty which would fit the Mini-14’s nickname of “Ranch Rifle”.

  3. I dont feel that we need to go overboard on this. The Winchester 94 lever action was the gun that won the west.

  4. I suggest the “musket”…as used by our forefathers in the American Revolutionary War. They fought long, hard, and honorably for “freedom.” They pledged their life and honor for the cause. I think the “musket” distinctly represents Liberty State.

  5. While the M14 and the Winchester 30/30 would make fine choices, governmental backlash and restrictions aren’t targeting those style weapons. Nobody has suggested to ban a 30/30 or an M1 They aren’t being held up by a California politician calling for everyone to be forced to turn them in.

    We desire a new state of modern ideas and resolve based on traditional values. While the tendency to maintain a degree conservatism for our state rifle is understandable, the purpose of our new state is to overcome the oppression we are experiencing from multiple fronts. We could view the AR as a modern symbol of “from our cold dead hands”

    We wish to become a new state and now is the time to stand up, be proud of what we have, desire and refuse to surrender.


    1. Couldn’t agree with that line of reasoning more. The AR-15 gets my vote, many times over.
      Oh wait, Libtardz vote like that… Never mind…

    2. Exactly right. AR-15 is likely the most popular rifle in the state of Liberty at the time of it’s founding. It is appropriate that it be the new state rifle.

      The new constitution MUST prevent future gun control or else Liberty will become another failure like all the current blue states. I’m sure there will be many folks escaping blue heIIholes that will be moving to Liberty – many of them for the express purpose of turning it blue. And as noted above, an electoral college type system of voting or “some other system” that NEVER allows one or two cities to run rough-shod over the entire state of Liberty must be put in place. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

  6. Gosh, I sure hope Liberty will have nuclear weapons to protect our property rights and gun culture.
    We already have the most poisonous waste sight in the nation and should gain respect just for that alone.

  7. I am sooooooo pro Liberty state. Everything a red blooded American loves and appreciates is in Eastern Washington. Let’s keep it that way. I honestly believe we (being of like minded) are closer to making this happen then ever before. I didnt vote on a state weapon but I love my 30/30 lever. We need a state flower as well. Sagebrush comes to mind.

  8. I picked the10/22 because everybody I know that was the rifle they learned on. Thats the rifle I used to teach my kids and grandkids. But I do love my AR 15.

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