4 thoughts on “Upcoming Rallies in Olympia

    1. I hope you will post the outcome of these rallies for those of us that can’t attend. The least I can do is keep others posted as to these outcomes. I hate what has happened to Washington State under the pressure of Western Washington and this Governor as do many of my senior friends.
      Carole L. Vohs

  1. There are those of us, even volunteers who for personal reasons will not be able to attend the Rally on the 15th. We will be there in spirit. and continuing to work in our home counties in recruiting and having local events in support of the creation of the free “State of Liberty”. Will be reminding all of my local contacts, so hopefully there will be a group representation from Asotin County.

  2. I’d love to attend, but it’s just not that easy for some of us to get away and run over to the coast for the day.
    It’s too bad, as I’d like to add to the crowd in support. I’ll keep an eye on the weather, who knows, I might just run over no matter what.

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