Calling all Liberty State Volunteers! There is no better way a person could spend their time right now than to be actively pushing for Liberty State! THIS GAME IS ON! There are so many epic and historic things happening with the Liberty State movement that are defining this current exciting era in a very positive way.

First, we have 2 House Bills to divide the State in the Legislature that have already had their first reading. We have submitted the written requests for formal hearing son both HB 1509 and HJM 4003.

Second, we have secured the permits, dates, and plans for two massive Liberty State Rallies at the Capitol building.

Get ready to mark your calendars. The first Rally (titled 51-2A) will be on Friday, February 15th, and the second (titled Liberty State Exit – or LEXIT), will be held on March 29th.

Third, another television poll is showing 71% of you support the dividing of the State. Between three official polls now, we have an average of 73% support to divide the state. These polls now show a staggering 25 thousand people who support the dividing of the state to form a new state of Liberty.

Liberty State is now teaming up with the 2nd Amendment supporters across the state. Let me use this opportunity to invite all the other established groups to join us as well.

We represent the people who have had enough of not having out votes count in any election in the last fifteen years. We’ve had enough of no representation, and this movement aims to restore our power of the vote through the creating of Liberty State. So spread the word. The rallies at the Capitol are ON! And we want every freedom-loving, second amendment-supporting patriot there to  tell Olympia that we are a new state!

We are Liberty State and we want the state divided. I can’t wait to see you all there. So let’s show up and make our voices heard all across the United States.

Finally, join us in this awesome effort today by volunteering or donating to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that will actually count.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.