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  1. You must know the weather is bad and if this conference can be moved to a different date, we might all appreciate that. I’m also in Western WA and I certainly support this effort, but if the Liberty State becomes a reality, we in Western WA will become completely controlled by the Left.

    Eastern WA is our only hope for balancing the tides of contention. I can barely write a letter to the editor without being black listed and targeted. I’ve said in the past that this is where the battle is and we all need to be in it. I agree that Eastern WA is not represented, but we constitutional conservatives, Hillsdale supporters are abandoned, we will be consumed by the radicalized left.

    Hope you have an advisory!

    1. Yeah but look at the bright side.we will be behind enemy lines in a target rich environment. I hate communists & degenerates and suspect you do as well. Low intensity civil war is already upon us, escalation is inevitable , neither side can abide and will not accept rule by their adversaries.
      I don’t expect to see victory or defeat wich ever side eventually prevails
      I just hope to make a decent account and a good trade & to die with boots on.

  2. It is imperative for all who love Liberty and Freedom to support the creation of the 51st “State of Liberty” in the Eastern part of the present State of Washington. Looking toward the day when freedom loving citizens of Southwestern Washington counties move to support us in our effort, and possibly join us as part of the new free state. The first step is to recreate free and representative government in this portion of the state, as the yoke of tyranny has done us so much harm. I encourage all freedom and liberty loving citizens to join us in the pursuit of once again being an example of how an honorable and righteous government of, by. and for the people can be a real influence for good. The tyranny that we are presently forced to endure because of the progressive population majority on the other side of the Cascades is unacceptable, and must be ended. Freedom for those of us in the new “State of Liberty”, will be seen as a beacon of hope, and will I believe encourage those who are presently silent and accepting of the tyrannical rule by Olympia to awaken and take similar steps to return the “Rule of Law” and the end of the progressive dictatorship of Inslee and Ferguson.

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