11 thoughts on “Article from The Spokesman Review: Gun rights, 51st state are linked, Shea tells rally

  1. I’m coming around to this concept. I would rather be a poor state than controlled by Ultra Liberal Western Washington competing with New York, California and Oregon.

  2. I would rather take my chances with Liberty State than deal with frustration over the beliefs that many in huge metropolitan areas like Seattle, Olympia and Tacoma embrace. Their beliefs impact me and my children and not in the direction of liberty.

  3. I left work early,drove to the capital.didn’t see anyone outside, went in, was told that there had been people there, this was approximately 12:30
    Must have missed the whole thing.
    Had the flag, but the hat &shirt hadn’t arrived yet. Anyhow hopefully next time. We live in tacoma but we have a place on the wedge, near kettle falls
    Went to Marble ranch 4th of July celibrations with all of our kids and grandchildren in 2017. I’m hoping to relocate to our place within two years.
    It would be good to meet like minded people.

    1. I live just outside of Kettle Falls. This is a great place to live. The Wedge is a cool place. You will love the huckleberries.

      1. Hello, I do love huckleberrys & am looking forward to picking them this year, It has been a long time.
        It’s a shame that our state has been taken over by leftists that are determined to tell you how to live.
        If you are interested we should get together sometime we could buy you lunch at Sandy’s of something.

        1. We have some really great places to eat here that are new. The Kettle Pho Bistro on main st. and an awesome BBQ place across from Meyers Market. It would be fun to eat out. Sandy’s is good too.

        2. Yes I really hate it that the West side has a smarter than this side attitude. They treat us like their bad little children and this is their playground.

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