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Recognizing Liberty State Patriots



Hello, Residents of Liberty State! Rep, Matt Shea knocked it out of the park with his speech of freedom and Liberty at 51-2A Rally at the Capitol Building in Olympia on Friday the 15th. We had some other great speakers from the 2nd Amendment groups such as Scott Brumback, Steven McLaughlin, and Allen Acosta, who all did an excellent job!

It was a great event! Unfortunately, we had some very formidable weather that closed Snoqualmie Pass for 3 days straight and stopped most of the Liberty State residents from coming to this event, as thousands had made hotel reservations to stay overnight.

However, we can all make up for it at the next rally on March 29th at the Capitol when the weather is better, and we will! The event was still a success and was important to have happen in the Capitol building, as it gained more press than all of the other Liberty State events we have held so far.

We had a  fantastic lineup of speakers, and we want to thank everyone who showed up regardless of weather, including many people from Yakima, Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille County. I would like to give special recognition to some of the people who really braved the weather from the farthest parts of the state and did so because they had their priorities straight:

Floyd and Angie Christman and the whole Christman family, and their whole Liberty State Volunteer group from Pend Oreille County, who drove the farthest, and through very formidable weather-white out with only 4′ visibilty and snow shooting completely horizontal across large distances of the journey. I want to thank Steve Edwards and his group from Yakima. Dan Wallace and his group from Stevens County, Redonna Devereaus and her group of 2nd Amendment supporters, and Howard Briggs and his wife and group from Kittitas County. Please forgive me as I am not able to name everyone, as there were so many new faces, but I wanted to also thank Allen Acosta and his group for being there and doing such a great job organizing the event.

So not we move forward with continuing to hold our County meetings and bringing more people together to volunteer and start pulling our elected officials into this effort with the rest of us. God Bless this effort to restore the power of our United vote in Eastern WA.

YOU can join in on this awesome effort today by volunteering or by donating to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that will actually count.

I’m Lady Liberty, and the is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State. Visit us at today.


7 thoughts on “Recognizing Liberty State Patriots

  1. Thank you for the update and hopefully we will be able to attend on March 29th to represent Okanogan county. There is desire here from the many that I have spoken with we just need to get the momentum going. We have our first meeting March 2nd and I hope we have a good turn out.

    1. Good for you! We are growing steadily in Ferry County! We’re under attack by a vicious character in the local press, must be hitting a raw nerve on the left lol!

  2. I live in the communist sector and I fully support this movement. Cutting ties with the socialist liberals on this side of the state is the best thing that could happen for all of us. That would reduce income for the state from lost taxes. Maybe that might make them reconsider such careless spending sprees at taxpayer expense.

    Also with roughly half of the state representatives and senators not being present on this side, it would open up a lot of office space for the liberals to move some of the homeless into. Now wouldn’t that be great to see! But we all know that would never happen because they only want to put these “programs” into effect, they don’t actually want to participate in them.

    Anyway, I hope you are able to break free of the strangle hold Olympia has you under. I am doing as much as I can to fight them at every step.

  3. Due to weather concerns those of us from Asotin County were impeded in our desire to attend and support. Looking forward to the Lexit Rally on 29 March and better weather. We are continuing our efforts here in Asotin County, and will be having a larger event in the near future. Request any local citizens in Asotin County contact me-Galen Sorenson: Assistant County Captain at gman@tds .net to join the effort here, or support us in our organizational and operational work. The State of Liberty must become a reality in the near term, and we as committed individual citizens desiring a truly responsive and responsible government based on the “Rule of Law”, must daily increase our numbers and continue to strive for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

  4. Way to go LIBERTY STATE! Ferry CO is growing in support sentiment for obvious reasons- I-1639 among them! I listen to Radio Free Redoubt and last weekends 90 minute broadcast was very INFORMATIVE! Matt Shea has my support! The movement is clearly under attack by the communist left here, as it is elsewhere. One nasty attack was published in the 2/13 edition of Ferry CO View. RFR has a copy.

  5. I fully support Liberty State,President Donald Trump& there by the USA. Am opposed to any communist socialist agenda that would destroy America. I defend our Country against all enemies, including domestic. Western WA. Has become a dictatorship. It’s unconstitutional 2nd amendment attacks ,will never be tolerated. Pointing the finger by those that would appress us, will never tolerated! There is no law in western Washington. It is clear. All of us can see, the trash forced into by their governor.That thing is not those peoples choice. Lets not go quietly into that dark night. Realise: Most people in western Washington are good meaning people. Their agenda is often ours. We need them and they us, if we are going to survive. That said, Let us together flush the toilet of the democrat, communist, socialist agenda, for good. Long live ,”Liberty State!”

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