Article from WA State House Republicans: Rep. Shea sponsors legislation to overturn I-1639, and discusses death penalty

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4 thoughts on “Article from WA State House Republicans: Rep. Shea sponsors legislation to overturn I-1639, and discusses death penalty

  1. I agree 100 percent with I 1639 being unconstitutional not only in our State, but in the United Constitution. I truly believe that there is not only a social, economic,and ideology difference but an out right difference of way of life. We the people should not be governed by those who don’t or can’t understand us. I stand with Matt Shea in splitting Washington State and becoming Liberty State founded on the Constitution and for all the reasons listed above. I want don’t want to be embarrassed of and fear my state, I want to be proud of my state and what it stands for. Thank you, Matt Shea for being a light in the darkness.

  2. .It is my opinion (I know–everybody has one) that the democrats in Olympia and those at the federal level are not passing new gun legislation because they think it will reduce crime. They are passing new anti gun legislation for one reason only: because they can. When was the last time we ever heard the democrats in Olympia say that they are going to put forth a new gun law that points the finger of justice at criminals instead of law abiding gun owners? Look at all of the gun laws, anti gun laws that have been passed In past fifty years–mostly by democrats-that so far have not had any impact on crime and or criminals. Now these bozos want to pass a bunch of new gun laws that, like those passed before will only be acknowledged by honest, law abiding gun owners and laughed at or ignored by criminals. It is apparent to me that these democrats have no intention to pass laws that actually target the criminals. Their agenda is only to make gun ownership as difficult as possible for ANY gun owner whether law abiding or criminal making no difference. It’s just my opinion but I believe their end game is no guns of any kind for anyone–no exceptions. That would fit really well with their agenda because that is one of the very first orders of business in a socialistic government is confiscation of ALL firearms. Just take a look at Venezuela under Murduro or Cuba under Castro. The people in Venezuela are long passed worrying about anything to do with gun rights——they spend most of their time digging for scraps of food out of garbage trucks and trying to score what seems to be the most sought after and most difficult to find commodity—–toilet paper!!! Far fetched? Maybe, but California has gone from a crawl to a fast trot in the direction towards socialism; they no longer try to hide the fact that they are pouring vast sums of tax payers money in their endless “social programs” which are available to anyone from anywhere as long as they are NOT an American citizen. Criminal? Gang member–possibly with ties to the ultra-violent ms-13 gang? Come on in!! Pass go, and collect way more than $200.00—-and while the state of California is passing every anti-gun bill that that any democrat-socialist who has absolutely NO knowledge of guns/firearms can dream up, apparently all of those anti-gun laws do NOT apply to anyone who has crossed our border illegally, no matter how many times they were deported and came back—like the jackass that had been deported at least 5 time or more and snuck back across our border each time, who just happened to “find” a handgun and then just happened to fatally shoot Kate Steinly, who was walking arm and arm along the waterfront in San Francisco with her father, who, like his daughter, were American citizens. The illegal alien was found not guilty in what San Francisco calls a court of justice. The democrat/socialists of California are doing all the can to shred the Constitution of the United States which all of those democrat bozos swore to uphold. There has been some movemeknts afoot to divide California into two or three separate states as many Californians who’s common sense is still intact have had enough of having a relatively small area along the coast, loaded with wealthy left wing ultra liberal socialists calling all the shots for all of the rest of California, which comprises about 80+% of the state. Other states are looking at splitting up as well, for the same reasons. New Mexico, Colorado, and Illinois are looking into that possibility but I don’t have much information on them yet. There may be others. It seems fairly obvious to me that there is a growing contingency across the country who, like us here in Washington state, are sick and tired of watching the ever–changing democrat/socialist party try to change the United States from the economically dynamic, energy rich country, where vast freedoms are guaranteed through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, where dreams can become reality if you are willing to work for them, to a land of high taxation to pay for unending social programs including a land where no matter how you came across our southern border, you will have free health care, a drivers license even if you can’t read the signs, free education including free college, a house to live in and a Mercedes Benz in the driveway—all yours so long as you vote for a democrat/socialist in every election. Oh ya. There will be massive unemployment because no one will want a good middle class job because you will have to pay such a high percentage of your paychecks to support all of the above-mentioned social programs. You won’t be able to buy a house or stay in the one you already own because of high property taxes and banks unwilling to loan money ( remember the Obama years). What it comes down to is if these extreme liberal/socialists are not voted out of office soon, your only shot at making any money would be to buy up all the toilet paper you can get your hands on—–there may be a seller’s market on that particular commodity in the near future.

  3. Imperative that the residents of present day Eastern Washington, the future 51st Free State of Liberty, step up to the plate and resist the tyrannical efforts of the fascist political regime in Olympia and the Puget Sound to in point of fact move to deprive us of the rights guaranteed both in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution , as well as the Washington State Constitution in Article 1, Section 24 that ensure our right to keep and bear arms for our individual use and protection. I-1639 is a blatantly unconstitutional abomination, and as a citizen I am therefore bound to not comply with such an imposition and violation of my rights. It is time for us to separate our part of the state from “Seafornia” as I refer to the tyrannical fascist illegal government in Olympia and the Puget Sound. Stand up for Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and the Rule of Law.

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