10 thoughts on “Article from WNPA: 51st state movement highlights cultural divide in Washington state

  1. We need to divide the state nothing personal is that politically we have nothing in common with the west side The people and politicians don’t take into account our views or philosophy on life.Or how we feel about about the second.Amendment .The culture on this side of the mountain it’s nothing like the Westside

    1. Tom, you nailed it!! There is no chance of a reformed Washington state. It’s split or be eaten alive– slowly. And that’s a miserable way to go (Libversion cancer). The Wet Side can have all the rope it wants afterward.

    2. I would be stuck behind enemy lines, temporary at least. However I do have a place near kettle falls and either way I am going to be there permanently soon. I’m from Idaho originally anyway.
      Politpolitically I’m as far right as it gets the Second Amendment is non-negotiable the Communist in Seattle it ruined the whole state for everyone

  2. Let’s just do it ,if Olympia doesn’t allow it if Congress don’t go for it. We go on Revolt we elect a governor and we no longer pay taxes to Olympia but to Spokane they will have to accept the will of the people that live in Eastern Washington and back it up with whatever it takes .

  3. My wife and I moved here from the Peninsula on the west side. We were in Clallam County. Our county was pretty much conservative. We’ve been over here going on four years. I am a Wisconsinite originally and my wife if from Hawaii.(majority Democrat) We are both conservative, love our guns,hunting fishing and freedom. I am a 20yr US Navy vet. I love the article the girl wrote from Olympia. She hit the nail on the head!!! We are all sick and tired of the liberal jackasses in the state government. I don’t think the majority of them really know what’s reality and what isn’t. We all hope and pray we can break away from the west side and create a real state of Liberty. We are all patriots!!! Thank God for President Trump.

  4. I live in CO and keeping in touch with your movement. The progressive liberals have taken over CO and the rural/conservatives do not have a voice anymore. Denver Initiate 300 on the ballot for MAY 7 will allow homeless to camp out in public spaces, parks sidewalks, trails. along roads, even in the ditch.. If this passes, Denver will turn into another sh*thole Seattle. The video ‘Seattle is Dying’ is mind blowing. I wish you the best and hope your movement succeeds. The same thing may happen to CO. I know northern CO counties have been trying to form a new state. Now that our new radical Governor is passing his progressive radical agenda, the succession may happen.
    Best wishes, eastern WA!

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