Hello Liberty State supporters!  First of all, I want to say congratulations to Chelan and Douglas Counties for holding their first joint Volunteers meeting on the 12th!  They had a great turnout and a successful evening. The next volunteer meetings are Fri, March 22nd in Yakima County, Saturday, March 23rd in Grant County, and Monday the 25th is the Benton Franklin joint County meeting.  Our next State event that EVERYONE is being asked to come to will be the LEXIT Rally in Olympia on Friday, March 29th where we will all show up en masse and tell Olympia that we are dividing the State!  There will be many speakers from County Commissioners and Sheriffs to other elected officials, 2nd Amendment supporters, heads of County Agriculture, business, and industry.

Having been closely involved in the politics surrounding the WA State legislature this session, and watching SO many mortifying bills get passed by the democrats that are in an all-out free for all, I can do nothing but reflect happily on the hope that is Liberty State.

This is the stage in our movement that we are bringing in elected officials into our discussions and asking them for input.  Some elected officials have incorrectly stated that Liberty State is not economically viable. That is not true at all. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as Rep. Matt Shea proves with information from the WA State Office of Financial Management, Idaho Legislature, and Ballotopedia which show that Liberty State’s population is nearly identical to the population of Idaho, and the total income of both Liberty State and Idaho are nearly identical as well, at nearly $7Billion per year.  The State of ID does just fine, and therefore so would Liberty State.

So share this information in Rep. Shea’s PowerPoint with your elected officials and refer them to that video so they can verify it for themselves.  If they go to that video, they can find that information that begins at 44:35.

Lets talk positively and productively about this to everyone we know and let them know this is not going to happen, but that it is HAPPENING right now- as we speak and they better get on board and join in this awesome effort today by volunteering or by donating to the Liberty State effort and make a difference that will actually count.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State.  Visit us at LibertyState.org today.