Hello Liberty State supporters!  I am in the unique position of being able to filter through thousands of your emails in response to all the mortifying bills being passed in Olympia right now.  I understand the anger in your phone calls and your emails, and I know that most of you are worried about being forced into taking drastic measures in response to these mortifying and unconstitutional bills they are passing. However, this is not the time to take any drastic measures. You’re fed up and we understand.  Instead, put all that energy into making Liberty State a reality!

What does that mean?  That means, join the effort that is already looking good.  We have 12 Legislative Reps on board, plus Sheriffs and Commissioners who are already drawing their lines in the sand against Olympia.  This is encouraging progress!  Liberty State is now in the beginning of Stage 2, where we ask all the County group volunteers to start bringing their elected officials on board to join their monthly Liberty State support meetings.

We need you!  Boy, do we understand your anger, and we’re right there with you! But we need and want your anger channeled in the right direction, right alongside US. We need your “fed up”. We need your “sick and tired of all their garbage” type of responses!  We need all of that to make this happen.  So if you’re angry- fantastic!!  Join us!  If you’re done with Olympia, join us!  If you’re done with all their illegal regulating and endless garbage while wiping out all our votes on every issue, join us!  We need you- come just as you are.  We ARE Liberty State and we ARE taking back our power of the vote- join us and let’s do this together!

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State.  Visit us at LibertyState.org today.