Hello Liberty State Supporters!

There are a few announcements to make! The people of Liberty State will be holding 2 huge multi-County Rallies in May.  The first is in Wenatchee on May 11th from 2:00-4: 00 pm at BPOE Grand Ballroom at 27 S. Chelan Street.  The second major Rally will also be a dessert fundraiser and will be in Spokane Valley on Thursday, May 23rd at the Event Center.  Bring your favorite dessert recipe or personal household item or donated service to the auction to donate to the cause.  There will be live music, updates and several great speakers, so mark your calendars and plan to attend.  You won’t want to miss history in the making!

In addition, we have FINALLY made it out of the grueling marathon Session that was one of the worst in the history of WA.

Republican leadership agrees that Liberty State is now the best hope for the people of Eastern WA if we EVER want to restore the power of our vote.  We had 12 different Representatives at the LEXIT rally speaking in support of the divide.  Since then, Session has ended, and some of the worst bills in history have been passed, causing even more elected officials to join in with the people’s effort.  Western WA Reps were even supportive of it because the residents will need somewhere they can move to in order to escape the catastrophic bills the Democrats passed this year!

Liberty State is now in Phase II where we have just started our official grassroots outreach to invite ALL the elected officials from every County and District to join in and support Liberty State.  All our County Captains have been given their new marching orders and are now setting hearing dates with the County Commissioners and other elected officials so they can invite them to join in with the rest of the 74% of their constituents that want this division to happen asap.

It’s time to bring all your elected officials on board! Look for the hearing dates in your own Counties and be sure to show up en masse to let them know you support the Liberty State effort and that you want them to represent your wishes!  We are the majority!  We are currently the 74% that must insist on being represented in our wishes to restore the power of our vote through the dividing of the State!!  Now is the time and it’s now or never!

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State.  Please Visit us at LibertyState.org today.