25 thoughts on “POLL: Vote For The Official Liberty State Tree

  1. We should have been able to provide input on some trees. Maybe a fruit tree would have been nice since we are the apple capital.

    1. Who decided on these 4 trees? My way of thinking would be, why not be a little more symbolic by using the cherry tree. It would be a pie in the face to the left side of the state ( as you see it on the map) to use the words of George Washington himself, I cannot tell a lie father, I cut down the cherry tree. The west side is full of lies and corruption and the cherry tree would be our symbol of truth.

    2. To me it is either the tamarack, Douglas Fir or the Pine tree. They cover all of Eastern Washington forests in massive numbers. North, East and Southern parts of Liberty and all are natural growth trees.

    1. The Giant Sequoias are the most beautiful and longest living trees we could choose, please offer them if possible.

      1. They are beautiful but they are a Californian tree. As far as I know and from what I can find we do not have any in Eastern Washington. Thank you for your input though.

        1. I have one in my yard in Kingston WA. My day brought it from CA about 17 yrs ao it was a foot then now its about 40 feet! I’m all for Liberty state & I’d move here in heartbeat. Or you stay WA & they change their name to Lalaland. That works also. I’ve been working out here couple months and I don’t miss Lalaland at all!

      2. Sequoias are majestic but I don’t think we have them here in Washington. A state tree needs to be one that is common to the state. I voted for the Tamarack, but probably the apple or ponderosa would be more representative…

  2. The ponderosa pine is able to live in dry climates like Liberty, is drought-tolerant, somewhat fire-resistant, and can live for centuries. Also, Lewis and Clark wrote about it in their journals and it was utilized by Native Americans.


  3. The selection of the Tamarack (Western Larch) is the best choice as it is not an Evergreen Conifer-the current state tree of Washington. The vision of the Tamarack as it resurrects in the Spring after the Winters end illustrates for us the renewal of life that occurs every day, as new life springs forth. The rise of the State of Liberty is a resurrection of the values of Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness(Property), and of course the Rule of Law-God’s Natural Law. I vote hurray for the new 51st State of Liberty TREE-the graceful and resilient Tamarack!!

  4. Having lived on both sides of the mountains, my biggest impression was the grand Ponderosa Pine dominates this region. It’s native, almost never seen on the “other side,” & is one tough tree. The wood is valuable, it’ll withstand fires, & it’s beautiful to boot. I choose the Ponderosa!

    1. I agree. They can be found in some of the most adverse growing conditions, tenaciously rooted to the ground defying gravity.

  5. Went with the Water Birch (Bend don’t Break). Was hoping the Artemisia tridentata (Giant Sagebrush) was listed.

    Crazy darn outliers!

  6. What is the Netleaf Hackberry? Never even heard of it. Not a very impressive tree. Not a very nice sounding name. Why or how is it leading the poll?

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