We Will Win

Hello Liberty State Residents!

I would like to wish all of you a safe and a blessed Memorial Day Weekend!  What’s Memorial Day about?  It’s about honoring those brave souls from all our families who gave “their all” for freedom- the same thing we are working toward with Liberty State!

We just had another outstanding multi-county Fundraiser in Spokane County on May 23rd that had over 200 people and raised a lot of money with their dessert auction. I commend all the organizers and speakers involved with that event.  The music was awesome as well!

Friends, you know what?  We have the ONLY solution to ALL of WA’s problems and we are now in the thick of the battle for Liberty State and WE ARE GOING TO WIN!  We Americans, who are already united in our vote and in our love for traditional American Values, are actively engaged in telling the Lost Coast that WE WILL HAVE OUR AMERICAN WAYS RESTORED!  WE WILL HAVE IT!!

Art.4. Sect.4 of the US Const. Says that we are guaranteed a Republican form of government.

We are the majority, and we are returning to the rule of law and justice.  We are telling the Lost Coast that we flat out reject their unconstitutional Communist invasion that is foreign to America.  We flat out reject their invasion through Socialism, Marxism, and Globalism.  We are telling them that we reject all of what they have brought down on WA and we are dividing this state because of what they have done!  We reject their unconstitutional and lawless agenda!

Join with us as we make history in our stand to restore the power of our vote here in Eastern WA as we divide into the new State of Liberty.

I’m Lady Liberty, and this is a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Liberty State.  Please Visit us at LibertyState.org today.

4 thoughts on “We Will Win

  1. Spokane meeting was awesome, and we need to refer people to the information presented-updated by Matt Shea and Rene’ Holoday.

  2. It was great, the recent meet we had in Spokane for May.

    I know how full a plate everyone must have, with our respective lives as well. I’ve seen a couple of other such projects in other states, and I hope Liberty State can open up dialogue with these other groups. When we have Liberty, and these other projects work, we’ll want to bring these ideas of Liberty to DC.

  3. I have lived in W WA over 20 years. Always felt like fish out of water there. There is no peace there, everything is conflict. Citizens are marginalized. U vote no, it doesn’t matter gov. does it anyway. Most conservatives, Christians don’t feel comfortable talking about their values, they’re afraid their windows will be smashed, they’ll get jumped. It’s happened. You might not realize how rough it can be for those living there.My sister selling her house & agent told her Veteran husband you should take down the flag a lot of people don’t like it! U can imagine what he said. Kitsap County one of the most unchurched counties in country! It’s a dark place sor sure.

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