2 thoughts on “Liberty State Radio Episode 19-04 – Cattlemen and 2nd Amendment

  1. I believe in liberty state, but I do not believe in god. Freedom of choice and our interests for our side is very important too me.

    1. I don’t see anyone saying you aren’t welcome, Tommy. I know atheists who are very highly ethical people & will go along w/ most of the tenets of Christian ethics anyway. There are a few things to consider, however. First, there is no doubt that Christians were welcomed guests at the Revolution. Second, our laws are largely forged from Christian ethics. If you think Christ’s teachings are onerous, try Islam or even strict Orthodox Judaism. There’s no way around the Torah. Sin is prosecuted & wiped out by stoning, burning, swords, etc. Jesus did away w/ that kind of perfectionism on the Cross.

      Tommy, I wish you well. I hope you come to see Christ as a real force in your life. Nevertheless, just be a good fellow & welcome aboard. No racial or religious barriers here. Give us Liberty!

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