Would Liberty State bring prosperity?

Economic Advantages

Liberty’s population is comparable to Idaho, making the tax base more than sufficient for a minimal, yet effective government. In addition, the marketplace productivity across diverse industries combined with an abundance of different natural resources makes Liberty exceptionally qualified to compete with the economies of other states. 

Liberty ("E. WA") population (2014 census)
Idaho population (2015 census)
Amount Liberty ("E. WA") accumulated in 2016 between $5.5 Billion in State Funds and $3 Billion in Federal Funds
Amount Idaho accumulated in 2016 between $5 Billion in State Funds, $3 Billion in Federal Funds = $8 Billion Total

Liberty's Agricultural Rankings Compared To The Rest Of The United States

1st Place

Apples | Concord Grapes | Pears | Sweet Cherries | Hops

2nd Place

Potatoes | Wine | Onions | Edible | Peas | Apricots | Lentils

3rd Place


4th Place


Other Resources Found Around Liberty

  • Mines – 27th in Non-Fuel Mineral Production (This would increase).
  • Forests – 9th in Total forest land.
  • Hydropower – 9th in Total energy production and supplies electricity to 11 states.
  • Cattle – 29th in Total Cows.
  • Data Storage
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing