Quick Facts


Liberty State Flag and Seal

Meaning Behind the Design:

  • Osprey represents freedom and is regionally tied to our area. Broken chains represent overcoming oppression and government dependency. Broken sword symbolizes sacrifices made by those who fought for a new state.
  • Wheat signifies abundance of natural resources.
  • 3 main stars signify values: resilience, rule of law, and opportunity.
  • Blue background resembles peace, loyalty, and integrity. Background color also signifies wealth through the Columbia and other rivers of Liberty State.
  • 20 stars in the outer ring of the seal represent the 20 counties of Liberty State.

(The Liberty State flag was selected in a public poll at patriotpolls.org that ran from February – August 2017.)

Liberty State Bird: Osprey

Liberty State Animal: Cougar

Liberty State Rifle: AR-15

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