Government and the

Rule of Law


The United States had existed for eleven years before the Constitution was proposed, existing on the Articles of Confederation. Madison was the one to bring forward a draft constitution, and it took a full year to debate. Liberty State, too, will take a period of time to develop its Constitution, which will be debated, altered, and amended by elected representatives and then ratified at a constitutional convention when we gain our independence.

The U.S. Constitution assures that every state is to be created as a Republic, thus this is the form of government Liberty State will adopt. We want to return to that Republican form of government: the rule of law, no matter who is in power. This new state constitution will mean more rights are protected, not less.

We have great people in Eastern Washington – both experts and regular citizens – who have great ideas for a more-limited government. Instead of writing a proposed Constitution at this time, we will focus on the basic principles in our Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, property and the right to protect the same.

We seek to build a small government based on the Liberty Principle: the individual’s right to live in complete liberty, until such time as his liberty infringes on the liberty of another. The Liberty State movement is about overturning Olympia’s abuse of the natural rights of every Washington citizen.

It’s about restoring the unalienable rights protected by the Constitutions of the United States and Washington.

It’s about a robust defense of the religious right of conscience for all people.

It’s about a better tax structure, with permanent titles on land.

It’s about a government that rules least, reducing compliance costs.

It’s about a government that doesn’t alienate businesses.

It’s about Resiliency and Opportunity, protected by the Rule of Law.

It’s about freedom for all, the very definition of Liberty.