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How far back does the idea of splitting Washington go?


Liberty State is a concept that has been in existence since 1859. During the era of Westward Expansion, the US Government identified the Washington Territory as a shared land mass largely consisting of what is now Washington and Idaho, as well as components of the current states of Wyoming and Montana. The majority of this territory shares common resources (such as agriculture, timber, and mining to name a few) as well as divergent value systems. The small Western sliver of this territory, which is now Western Washington, is distinctly different than the rest of this defined land since it’s gateway to resources is oceanic rather than continental.

  • 1853 - US Government identifies Washington Territory
  • 1859 - Washington Territory expands to include Idaho​
  • 1889 - Washington gains statehood
  • 1915 - First proposal to split Washington
  • 1985 - proposal to split Washington
  • 1991 - proposal to split Washington
  • 2001 - proposal to split Washington - SJM 8002
  • 2005 - proposal to split Washingto
  • 2015 - proposal to split Washington
  • 2017 - proposal to split Washington: HJM 4000

Above: “Columbia, A Paradise Found”. 30DEC1984 issue of The Spokesman Review giving consideration to the idea of a new state from Eastern Washington. 

What are other examples of state splits?

  • Kentucky was created out of Virginia in 1792
  • Out of Massachusetts Maine was created in 1820
  • West Virginia seceded from a confederate state (Virginia) and became its own state in 1863
  • Vermont was a sovereign state (not part of the Union) until 1791. It was the 14th state to be accepted into the Union.

Are we alone in our aim to separate from an oppressive state government?

Certainly not! The State of Jefferson is diligently working toward separation fom California. They are our patriot friend and closest ally in the effort to gain statehood. Learn more at SOJ51.org