Public Service Announcements

Summer 2019 Update (08AUG2019)

We Will Win (29MAY2019)

Phase 2 Underway (10MAY2019)

Channel Your Anger (08APR2019)

LEXIT Review and Call to Action (31MAR2019)

Liberty State Economically Viable (20MAR2019)

WA Legislature Awakening Liberty State (12MAR2019)

Recognizing Liberty State Patriots (19FEB2019)

51-2A Rally in Olympia (11FEB2019)

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Upcoming Rallies in Olympia (02FEB2019)

From Olympia: Bills to Split Forthcoming (19JAN2019)

Merry Christmas and Year End Update (15DEC2018)

Counties in Action Update (01DEC2018)

Constitution Committee Update (17NOV2018)

Had Enough? (10NOV2018)

Solution Minded (29OCT2018)

Voting History Shows Unity In E WA (13OCT2018)

Volunteers Organize – More progress than expected (06OCT2018)

Liberty State progress report – Fall 2018 (24SEP2018)

From Olympia: Bills to Split Forthcoming (19JAN2019)


What laws will be made for the new state and who will be responsible for establishing these? (08SEP2018)

What is the basis for establishing a new state and can this process be achieved peacefully? (01SEP2018)